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A submersible is normally a commercial or non-military mini submarine with a limited service 
range or needs an external means to recharge its batteries. Typically many of these boats are 
transported to its area of operation by a surface vessel, large submarine or land transport. 
Several good examples would be boats like the K250 and K350 which have to be launched 
close to the intended mission objective and don’t have the capability to undertake a long 
distance passage submerged .

Personal Submersibles (Psubs) can also be "Ambient" or designed without a 1 atm pressure
hull. One very good example of this would be the "Human Torpedo"
 as used in World War Two.
With an ambient craft the crew are subject to the
surrounding water pressure and like a Scuba
Diver need to consult Diver Tables to avoid
 decompression sickness.

Commercial users of such vessels can include oceanographers, marine scientists and 
entertainment/adventure companies.
Many of the typical vessels being designed, built and owned or operated by private individuals 
are submersibles of the type described here. Often they are referred to as personal submersibles 
or Psubs.


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