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So you want to build a Personal Submarine or Submersible?

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” ~Plato~

So you have decided you would like to investigate the possibility of building your own boat. Well congratulations you have taken the first step and the very same step taken by many others. Along the way you will be taking a journey which is both exciting and challenging but most of all you will be joining a unique and fascinating group of people all over the globe who share the same spirit of adventure and exploration. 

So now you have made the decision what’s next? Well expect parts suppliers to be a little amused when you ring up and say I would like a seal for my submarine! That aside I would suggest the following steps,
a) Join the discussion forum at and introduce yourself to the group. Let them know what you’re planning.

b) After joining the Forum be prepared for constructive criticism and keep an open mind. 

c) Visit the other pages in this section covering both design and construction. Formulate your plan.

d) Go to the Member project page and Mentors page. Politely get in contact with a member who you feel may be able to help or advise.

e) View the Resources and Services section of this site.

The most important thing is you have make a start! 


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